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My name is Jocelyn and I'm a Sex Coach. I help women and femmes mend their relationship with sex so that they can experience true pleasure!

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Sex coaching is much more than just about sex. Sex itself is a microcosm of all of the experiences we have on a daily basis. While we are intimate, we are called to express our feelings, ask for our needs to be met, establish healthy boundaries, and be more concerned with our well-being on multiple levels.

That shit is not easy!

Through sex coaching, you are safe to express everything your heart desires, challenged to do things that you have always been too scared to do, learn about yourself on the most intimate level, and take your pleasure into your own hands.

Regardless of who you're engaging with, your pleasure is your responsibility.

Are you ready to own it?

let's find your pleasure

What my clients are saying...

Sometimes you just have to feel the fear... and do it anyway!

Roger S.

"Since we are all marbled differently and topics around sexuality can be quite embarrassing and self-confronting, Jocelyn made in easy to discuss these difficult topics and made me feel normal and accepted. Since resisting what’s true about ourselves can painful and frustrating, it has been uplifting to acknowledge and accept certain parts of myself that others might judge or see as outside the norm. I do want to live my highest and best self and am grateful to have met and connected with Jocelyn for this journey."

Alona R.

"I finally became comfortable with my own sexuality, and learned to truly embrace it, and I want to say THANK YOU for giving me the safe space that guided me towards the path of a powerful and curious queer woman. This program has substantially improved my relationship with my partner, with the tools I learned in session we are now more open with one another and optimistic about our future. I am so happy with the motivation I got in our sessions to finally be more explorative with my body and what it enjoys, and it has eased a lot of worry within my own relationship."

Colette A.

"My favorite take away from this program, was being able to fully tap into my sexual goddess. Before the program I had struggled with a lot of dissociation during sex and masturbation. I would be scared to masturbate because I knew that my trauma based thoughts would come out. ...Since then, I've practiced masturbation again and boy did I learn and experience new things my yoni was capable of. Seriously, I am shocked, but most importantly proud, of this explosion of sexual pleasure!!"

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