Are you struggling with letting go of shame, fear, and guilt related to your sexual expression and identity?

Learn to embrace your sexuality, shed beliefs that don't serve you, and actualize fulfilling intimacy in all aspects of your life.

Imagine if...

You were able to enjoy sexual pleasure with your partner(s) free of guilt and shame

You took delight in knowing your own body and understanding what makes it feel good

You loved looking at your naked self in the mirror everyday

Sexual pleasure was something you looked forward to instead of something you dread

Talking about sex came easy to you and you were able to express your desires effortlessly

Intimacy brought forth relaxation and comfort

The only voice you listen to regarding your sexuality is your own

You could successfully combine your mind, body, and spirit to experience the ultimate orgasm

Past traumas no longer plagued you, but instead are just a distant memory

You could stand in your own sexual power just as you are




What my clients are saying...

"I do want to live my highest and best self and am grateful to have met and connected with Jocelyn for this journey. She is highly professional, patient, and excellent listener, knowledgeable in the field of sexuality, highly organized and on time, and a servant hearted person. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in exploring themselves more deeply and what may be causing them pain or holding them back from living their highest best lives!"

- Roger M.

"Sessions with Jocelyn were a game-changer. Through her thoughtful curriculum, I was able to understand old patterns and question limiting beliefs that have been holding me back in dating, all while in a gentle and supportive environment."

- Abbey H.

"Intimacy has always been a struggle for me, an oppressive upbringing and general lack of trust had set up barriers that Jocelyn and I worked diligently at each session to break down. Every week I looked forward to learning more about myself, what I needed, and how to improve my relationship, but in all honesty I was improving myself as an individual."

- Shelby B.

Welcome to...

~ Empowered Embodiment ~

A transformational journey from feeling confused + ashamed to feeling confident + fulfilled with your sex life

This is an intensive 12 week 1:1 coaching program that helps you break your limiting beliefs related to your intimate life and develop healthy communication with partners, be connected with your body, and have the sex life of your dreams

Regardless of where you are in your sexual journey, we help you to express yourself with confidence, link your mind body and spirit, and step into your sexual higher self.

We provide you with trainings, tools, and the support + accountability needed to transform your psychological, emotional, and spiritual well-bring without having to spend years in therapy and countless days feeling lost and alone.

When you join, you're provided with 1:1 support to address your UNIQUE life experiences + to achieve the goals that you set forth for yourself to create lasting results.

Empowered Embodiment is a perfect blend of education, accountability, and support to make sure you never feel alone during your transformational journey.


Hey you beautiful soul!

My name is Jocelyn and I am so excited to introduce myself to you! As a queer Latina woman that grew up in a very religiously conservative home and attended Catholic school my whole childhood and adolescent life, I understand the shame that can be inflicted to one's sexual identity.

After discovering intimacy and my body on my own, my eyes opened up to a world I didn't know existed! I have done extensive work on myself to break down these toxic beliefs
and make room for my own voice that tells me that my body is mine, my sexuality is beautiful, and I am proud of it! 

After 10 years of being a Sexual Health and Wellness Educator, I have decided to take my work in sexuality to the next level.I believe that everyone has the right to feel amazing in their own skin, embrace their sexuality, and experience sexual pleasure while feeling empowered doing so!

I am so excited to share all the techniques that I used on myself to break through my sexual barriers and leap into the world of pleasure and vitality! Remember, that it all starts with self love, so don't forget to show yourself some lovin' today.

Grateful for you and grateful for this journey!