1:1 Coaching Intensive Program

Are you looking to go deeper nto yourself? Heal sexual shame and guilt? Finally understand what true pleasure feels like? Get to know yourself on a level that you've never learned before?

This 1:1 High Level Coaching Intensive Program takes you through 3 different phases; awareness, connection, and exploration during a 12 or 24 week period.

Awareness: Understand what is holding you back from experiencing the sex life of your dreams. What past experiences are on replay? What is your body rejecting and why?

Connection: Connect once again (or perhaps for the first time) with your body. Connect your mind, body, and spirit to fully gain an understanding of who you are as a sexual person and what your heart desires.

Exploration: Finally do the things that you have always been too afraid to do. Say NO to entrapment of the mind and body and YES to a life of ultimate sexual freedom. You will learn how to feel the fear and do it anyway.

You get-

Once a week 60-minute Zoom sessions with Jocelyn

Weekly "Get to do's" to enhance your learning and apply it to your life.

Voxer access to Jocelyn during office hours (Monday-Friday 9am-6pm) Sort of like your own pocket Sex Coach.

Access to all courses and workshops during your time of coaching.

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1:1 Hybrid Coaching Program

Are you in a sexual rut? Is there something about your intimate life that you'd love to shift and steer in the direction toward empowerment and pleasure, but don't know how?

Our 1:1 Hybrid Coaching Program gives you the guidance that you need with the flexibility that you crave.

You get-

A 90-minute Intensive coaching session via Zoom.

A 45-minute coaching session via Zoom following program completion.

30 Days of Voxer access to Jocelyn during office hours (Monday-Friday 9am-6pm PST) for ongoing support

Access to courses and workshops.

Weekly intention setting, challenges, and goals.

90-Minute 1:1 Intimacy Deep Dive

Want to dive right into a call with me and learn how to reconnect with your highest, sexiest self?

Our 1:1 90-minute Intimacy Deep Dive is a great place for you to start your sexual empowerment journey and reconnect with yourself.

You get-

A questionnaire to go deeper.

A 90-minute 1:1 Intensive coaching session with Jocelyn via Zoom.

Directions to move forward to bring you closer to yourself.

Your journey begins here...

Because you're worth it!

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