You are a beautiful soul with a natural gift and desire to experience pleasure. Within you is strength, power, wisdom, love, compassion, and freedom. You don't have to look anywhere else to indulge in this experience. The question is, have you given yourself permission to do so?

Jocelyn Silva Sex Coaching was founded by Jocelyn Silva in January, 2020. Jocelyn has been a sex educator for 10 years, primarily focusing her attention on queer and transgender people's sexual expression. She decided to pursue this calling because of her sexually repressive upbringing and shameful encounters with the Catholic church. Sexual trauma was also something that was prevalent in her family, so she made it her life's goal to eradicate and heal with members of her community to uplift and empower a new generation of sexually free individuals. Jocelyn has her Bachelor's Degree in Gender and Women Studies with an Emphasis on Race and Ethnicity and her Master's Degree in Social Work.


Women and femme of centered queens

LGBTQ Empowered

Healing trauma

Body Image


Libido Awakening

Pleasure based practice

We offer biweekly workshops on various topics to educate and uplift, 1:1 hybrid sex coaching programs, and 1:1 sex coaching intensives.

All services are held online for your convenience via Zoom.

Changing the world one orgasm at a time.

We are excited to meet you and be of service!

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